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LearnERS Navigator - The LearnERS Program Assistant is responsible for ongoing communication with programs to support appropriate completion of LearnERS applications, enrollment, and program participation. The LearnERS Program Assistant will provide telephone customer service and support to child care providers in Rhode Island who are participating in the LearnERS program, will complete data entry, and carry out review administrative and reporting functions related to the LearnERS Pilot and work very closely with the BrightStars Assessment team and the Quality Improvement team to coordinate all LearnERS activities, timelines and procedures. (Posted 11/1/2021)

LearnERS Program Assistant - The LearnERS Navigator is responsible for ensuring participating program compliance with the new LearnERS Pilot, a series of online modules for child care programs and educators to address quality improvement within the lens of the Learning Environment. Work includes educating programs on meeting LearnERS participation requirements and providing referral to resources. The LearnERS Navigator conducts outreach and education to engage programs in the QRIS for LearnERS participation and works with existing BrightStars staff to monitor continuing compliance with LearnERS policies, coaches child care programs on challenges within the ERS modules and debriefs ERS data with child care programs and educators. (Posted 11/1/2021)


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