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RIAEYC/NAEYC Membership Categories

RIAEYC/NAEYC offers three distinct membership categories, each offering valuable benefits to educators across the state and country.

Membership in the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is the best way to access all of the resources you need to help you be the best educator you can be.

When you sign up to join NAEYC, you will immediately have access to an unparalleled suite of member benefits, including exclusive member-only discounts and information from top experts in the field.

How do I join? Click HERE to Join or Renew your membership.

NAEYC offers four distinct membership categories, at new, better-than-ever prices:

Entry Level membership: $30
Standard membership: $69
Premium membership: $150
NEW! Family membership: $35

Learn more about each category and see which one suits you best.